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Basel Tarabein



"'Basel is a first class person and Realtor/Broker/Broker Owner. I've met Basel many times during the course of business and he never fails to impress me with his energy, knowledge, and integrity. If there's an important change in our industry, Basel is one of the first to be on-hand to learn what has changed.” November 15, 2011"

- Ty Barton

""Basel is a Very dependable Manager." October 3, 2011"

- Steve Murnick

"“Having worked with Basel in the past on a potential home sale, I found him to be professional and honest. He worked diligently to try to close the home in a tough situation.” September 16, 2011


- Dave Burkett

"“Basel is a results driven, creative, hard working, personable, customer centric professional who truly cares about his clients, peers and friends. He is extremely business astute and always strives to assist his clients in making sound and logical business decisions. When not at work Basel can be found spending quality time with his family and friends. If you are looking for an extraordinary real estate professional then Basel should be your first choice.” September 16, 2011


- Les Sokolowski

"“Basel has been our representing agent for several investment property purchases, as well as our listing agent for rental of investment properties. He is always highly efficient and reliable. I can count on him. Basel is a pleasure to work with!” June 29, 2011


- Brian Allendorfer

"“There have been many times that I have been in contact with Basel regarding information on homes that he has had listed. He has always been pleasant and professional. Often times it is difficult to get the correct information about a property, but Basel and his office have always made it easy to be informative to my clients. If I were unable to work with a buyer or seller and needed to refer them to another agent Basel, would be high on my list.” June 7, 2011


- Donna Abramovitz

"“Basel is a very hard worker and well respected in the community of his market share is. Plus he is very aggressive and accomplishes whatever he puts his mind to and thats why he is very successful in the real estate business and other ventures he has done. He is a family man and they are first always. I would use Basel in selling my house or his agents too.” June 6, 2011


- Ed Zamor

"“Basel has been exemplary to work with in that he is efficient, knowledgeable, caring, timely, experienced, and has panache in his field. My family and I have valued his diligence and attitude in accomplishing our family goal. Thank you Basel for all your help, and we'll continue to rely on your services for the future.
H. Almiladi” June 6, 2011


- Hanan Almiladi

"“I joined Basel Tarabein and RE/MAX AT HOME almost two years ago and it was the best professional decision I could have made! Basel is not like any typical Broker Owner and RE/MAX AT HOME is NOT a typical REal Estate Office. Basel provides a beautiful place to work for his agents and I am proud to be there. Basel wants only the best for his agents and is always there to to answer any questions and spends time helping each individual agent grow their business. (Dont know how he finds the time!) Basel has been a terrific Broker Owner to learn from with his unwavering postive attitude, his expertise, and the integrity and respect in which he conducts his business! I am fortunate to have him for a Broker as well as a friend!” May 11, 2011


- Connie Scott

"“I worked with Basel to help take his company to the next level and he was wonderful to work with. Basel is over the top Sensational! He knows EVERYONE!!! His ability to speak what needs to be said and say it in an engaging way is only one of the many amazing communication skills Basel has! More than even that is his commitment to his customers, employees, and everyone around him. He is a first class professional, family man and person. When Basel speaks, you should listen -- he is his promise! I loved working with Basel and I am proud to call him my friend!” October 13, 2010


- Harry Flaris

"“Basel is a true professional. He's been a pleasure to
work with for many years. He's always on top of his
business and the current real estate market.” April 26, 2010


- Terri Hunt

"“Basel is a tireless worker who will do whatever it takes to get the job
done. He is professional and completely dedicated to his business. Driven and goal oriented. Always available, always on the job.” April 15, 2010


- Robert Tschurtz

"“Basel and I have traded referrals over the past 10 plus years. I always know that when I refer a friend or client to Basel that he will go the extra mile to make sure that they are completely comfortable. Basel is a true resource for me, sometimes the best service I can provide someone is a good referral and Basel never disappoints. The Remax at Home staff is always professional and courteous. When it comes to my next home or investment property I plan to utilize Remax at Home! April 13, 2010


- Steve Sturteck

"“I would recommend Basel to anybody looking for a new place to live. He found my first place that I moved into after living with my parents my whole life! He made the process very exciting and easy at the same time. He is very good at what he does and respectful of what your needs are.” April 9, 2010


- Meloney Kuber

"“Basel takes great pride and pleasure in his work. It shows in his customer satisfaction and the sucess of his business. Once you meet Bales you will know why I say, He's the tops!” April 9, 2010


- Susan K Klatt

"“Basel has shown his professionalism as one who not only cares but shares with his agents his knowledge and offers consistent training to enhance his agents expertise in areas which will enable them to best serve their clients, customers and also offering support to their peers when in need.” April 7, 2010


- Joseph Diomede

"“Basel is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He demonstrates all the qualities needed to be successful. He is of the highest integrity and I am very pleased to recomment him.” April 5, 2010


- Pat Borland

"“Basel and REMAX AT HOME are both one in a MILLION. Basel is a true professional in the real estate industry, with vision, passion, and integrity. Basel leads by example, he cares about his Realtors and staff, offering the best training, technology, guest speakers, his time, availability & commitment. Basel has created a Flagship REMAX office, which is truly comfortable & inviting. I love having my clients visit; they are so impressed at the showroom quality, and the one of a kind Design Center. We as Realtors, ask our sellers (residential & commercial) to offer buyers model like properties. REAMX AT HOME offers our clients a top quality real estate office, Basel walks the walk & talks the talk. Stop by and visit, you’ll be impressed with Basel, the office, and everyone at REAMX AT HOME. I came to visit in January 2009, loved what I saw & moved in.” November 30, 2009


- Gail Bergstrom

"“If you want the job done right hire Basel!” November 10, 2009


- Mick Austin

"““I have worked with Basel and his agents for several years and I can highly recommend him. He is remarkably kind, very professional, and always willing to assist his agents in any capacity. A true leader in the industry with an emphasis on passion for the Real Estate, campassion for the sales associates at his office and great knowledge of the industry and the community.”” November 6, 2009


- Maria Barberi

"“Basel is a Professional who has his clients best interest at hand. He is very hard working and I am honored to know him. I have worked with him in the past and will continue to work with him in the future!
November 5, 2009


- Roger Guzzi

"“Basel is an amazing young man with motivation and inspiration pouring out of him. He walks the walk and talks the talk and not many people know that about him. He is there in a moments notice to help with whatever your situation requires. I never have to ask him for help because he instinctively knows what is needed. Thanks Basel for your support.” November 5, 2009


- Betty Cunningham

"“Basel and I worked together in the Village of Kildeer where he was a newly elected Village Trustee and I was the Interim Village Administrator. He was determined and self driven to support the community interests and values of Kildeer. He was a pleasure to work with and remianed focused on his Trustee assignments as a part of his Civic duties. He also took the time to be open and accessible to me on matters of public interest and was always respectful of time limitations.” November 5, 2009


- Bill Balling

"“Basel is a hard worker. He is innovative and smart. He is a real good communicator and listener. He has a deep rooted sincere care about helping his agents thrive. He is willing to invest, invest, invest in business practices he believes in.” November 5, 2009


- Greg Viti

"“Basel is an excellent resource in the local real estate community. He has brought clients to our Toll Brothers communities, and we have encouraged prospective buyers to consider Basel for their current home sale.” November 4, 2009


- Brett Taylor

"“Mr. Tarabein is a gentleman and a true visionary. He has that special quality of understanding where you are, where you are going and how to get there. I highly recommend his work. Ahmad T. Sulaiman, Attorney At Law” October 30, 2009


- Ahmad Sulaiman

"“I have known Basel personally and professionally for many years ~ He has always has the drive and vision to be one step ahead of the curve ~ which he has successfully done owning and operating one of the most successful Re/Max offices in the midwest. I would highly recommend Basel and his Team for your real estate needs.” October 24, 2009


- Tony Costabile

"“I've had the pleasure of knowing and dealing with Basel for over 10 years. Besides being the best in the industry, the trait I value most as a proffesional and friend is that Basel is one of those rare people that truly has INTEGRITY. Any individual with integrity also has many other good traits that round out an exceptional individual.” October 24, 2009


- Michael Prate

"“As a broker owner for 10 years I dreamed to create a RE/MAX environment that would have all the amenities agents would ever need to grow and serve their clients. Appropriate space with the latest tools, conference rooms to relax with clients, a complete design center that will have your clients talking and referring others, a training room with all the latest technology and a broker owner who believes in training so much, he leads the way.

Basel Tarabein has built this dream RE/MAX facility at 3215 W Algonquin Road in Rolling Meadows and he has built a RE/MAX office that literally 1000’s of broker Owners have dreamed to do, but have not.

What I am most impressed about Basel Terabein; is that he built all of this by true passion and love. Passion to serve and love for people. He has done this not for himself, but for the agents and their clients who call RE/MAX at Home, “Home”. Congratulations and GOD Bless RE/MAX at HOME!


- Mike Chaires

"“I have been spending a lot of time at RE/MAX AT HOME because I am virtually assisting him and many of his agents. Basel's office and the Home Design Center is AWESOME!! I had the opportunity to do a seminar at his office and his training room is a trainer's DREAM COME TRUE. I have sat in on a couple of his office meetings and they are so informative and up to date. Basel is not only a great manager, but has terrific presentation skills and makes his office meeting well worth attending. His knowledge on technology and networking is fantastic and I have had the opportunity to not only serve him, but also learn from him.
We had the pleasure to photograph his office and thought we would share that virtual tour with you--take a look at our work and his great office.
http://www.tourfactory.com/504298” August 30, 2009


- Lauren Harper

"“Basel is a positive force in the Re/Max network. His Re/Max At Home office is a place of energy, ideas and community involvement. Basel takes an interest in people at a personal level while being forward thinking and a "big picture" manager.” August 5, 2009


- Stella Catalano

"“Dear Basel,

Indeed, a pleasure to be member of RE/MAX At Home family. You’ve been a leader, a mentor and most importantly a true friend to all in this office and your involvement goes beyond what is expected of an office Broker/Owner.

You are a pioneer; uplifting RE/MAX At Home to an entirely unique real estate office that holds many related entities under one roof, Training Classes, Mortgage Company, Law Office and the latest addition, the Design Center.

Words cannot express the impact of our office transformation and the so many accolades from the guests (400+) we entertained on DEC. 4th.2008. Your achievement has left an indelible mark that will last. It is refreshing to have such an Outstanding Man bring everything together and challenge RE/MAX At Home members to Be and Do more. You played a pivotal role in assisting and sharpening our skills, so please keep motivating and inspiring us, you are truly gifted, and for that, Basel Tarabien- I thank you!


- Akram Halawi

"“Basel is a a wonderful person and consummate professional who truly cares about the people that are around him at all times. Basel takes class and expertise to ultimate levels. Thank you for the numerous, seamless transactions we have had together.” June 16, 2009


- Mike Quaglia

"“I would like to thank Mr. Tarabein and his team for selling both of my property in record time; in these current global economical crises. Mr. Tarabein uses unique system that evaluate client’s needs; to tailors precise portfolio that fits individually. His one stop shop services will take you from a simple home purchase to building the home of your dreams. I highly recommend Mr. Tarabein and his team for their professional services.” June 13, 2009


- Ahmad Karkukly

"“Basel is very passionate about his business and his clients needs. He is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow his business and stay ahead of the competition. He takes pride in helping others acheive their goals and reach their potential.” June 13, 2009


- Brian Faber

"“I have worked for Basel for the last two months and it has been everything I had hoped for and more! The office environment is positive, inspiring and beautiful. Basel has a vision for our office that is unlike anything in the real estate industry. We are able to provide clients, with mortgage, attorneys and a home design center where they can shop for anything from carpet to plumbing fixtures. Basel is an amazing business man and a wonderful human being.” May 20, 2009


- Ginny Opsahl

"“I am continually amazed at Basel's dedication to his craft. He demonstrates superior consideration for his agents...just ask them, they'll tell you! The skillful design of his facility and innovative concepts he employs makes RE/MAX at Home a model for other real estate offices to aspire too. It's refreshing to see someone color outside the lines. Bravo Basel!! You are truly a leader in this industry and the RE/MAX Organization. It's a true pleasure to watch your office grow.” May 19, 2009


- Terri Jeffries

"“Basel is a hands on Remax owner who shows "pride" in everything he does and touches. SUCCESS is his middle name, and those who follow this young entrepreneur will also find it for sure! I have been around for 31 years in this business and he is truly going places. Linda” May 4, 2009


- Linda Carrasco

"“I met Basel when he was a panelist at a RE/MAX International convention and have maintained a relationship since then. Basel is a true international real estate professional, with a deep understanding of what it takes to conduct cross-border transactions.” May 4, 2009


- Ricardo Cardenas

"“Basel is a true Real Estate Professional. I have seen him grow his business from ground zero. I have never seen any other broker achieve his level of success from ground zero.” May 4, 2009


- Tony Muno